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Speaking Through Movie Scripts

  It’s hard to explain Brian’s language capabilities to people who don’t know him or know autism. You can’t hold a conversation with him very often and he usually can’t answer most questions.  The professionals label him “functionally nonverbal”, as he has a huge vocabulary of words but he doesn’t communicate with them.  However,  he […]

Growth and Happiness Is All The Therapy I Need

Yesterday afternoon, despite our backyard still being covered in snow and the temperatures still hovering in the high 30s, we decided to spend time playing outside. We haven’t really had a chance to truly enjoy our backyard as we bought this house just as the snow was beginning to fall in the beginning of winter. […]

The Pajama King

Every day he’ll get dressed for school or to do errands with little complaint (sometimes there’s complaints, but never too long-lived). But the second he returns home he is back in his pajamas. I truly mean the second he walks through the door. He starts ripping the clothes off as he’s walking so there is often a trail of socks and underwear from the front door to the laundry room. He is often in his pajamas before I have even put away the keys and my purse. No joke.

Thoughtful Recap

On Tuesday I had the last phone appointment covered under the Bright Eyes grant with The Johnson Center (formally known as The Thoughtful House). Just like every appointment I’ve had with them- whether it be by phone or in person- it lifted me up just when I was starting to feel very “stuck” and in […]