Thank Your Teachers

So much of a special need’s parents’ time is advocating and fighting for what is best for our children.

Most likely, most of us have all had a teacher or a therapist or a doctor that we really butted heads with.  A professional that couldn’t see our child’s potential or no matter how much reminding wouldn’t follow the modifications laid out in our child’s IEP.  Those are tough.

But hopefully, we have all found those professionals that know that your child is capable of way more than society tries to say.  Professionals that are brainstorming, even when they are not on the clock, on new ways to teach things to your child.  Professionals that truly love and care for your child and are fully invested in their future.

When you find them, you have to let them know what they mean to you and your family.  Because though I believe that working with children with special needs is one of the most gratifying jobs in the universe, I also thoroughly believe it is one of the most difficult.  It takes a truly amazing person to do this job with a smile on their face and love coming from their heart every single day.

I wanted to do something for Brian’s teachers for Valentine’s Day.  Nothing huge, but something to let them know we appreciate them.  However, we were so busy the night before with hosting an autism play group and packing the boys for their trip to Florida that we didn’t get to the store like I had hoped to.

As we were getting ready to head out the door to school Friday morning, I braced myself and asked Brian if he wanted to go to the store before school.  Given his dual diagnosis of autism and OCD, I was fully ready for a resounding no and probably even some screaming at me for even suggesting it.  But instead, he said, “Yeah.”

rosesWe went to the store and he skipped in and picked out which bouquet he wanted (red roses).

He carried them into school with pride.

He went into his classroom and started handing them out to all of the techs in the autism program, starting with his favorite (his first love, most likely), smiling and wishing them each a “Happy Birthday” (we’re working on the holidays).

He was in his element presenting his beloved teachers with a gift and it made me so proud that he also knows how much they mean to all of us.

Have you thanked your teachers lately?

Heather Nelson

About Heather Nelson

Heather resides in Rockland where she is busy juggling life as a newlywed, a mom to two boys (one of which who has autism), a part time job in direct sales, and a full-time job as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant. She has a love for live music, karaoke, and cheering on the underdogs.