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It’s the Not Knowing That is The Hardest

It has been an extremely draining couple of days. On the same evening I found out about the passing of an old friend, I found evidence that someone may have harmed my child. I’ve been quiet as we went through the appropriate steps and began the investigation, not wanting to accuse anyone that we love […]

Autism Lives Here: Father’s Day Edition

Autism Lives Here: A Sunday ritual.

Pictures that give a glimpse into our life with autism. Pictures that may show how distinctly different our lives are from yours because of autism. Or pictures that may show how similar our lives are regardless of autism.

The Pajama King

Every day he’ll get dressed for school or to do errands with little complaint (sometimes there’s complaints, but never too long-lived). But the second he returns home he is back in his pajamas. I truly mean the second he walks through the door. He starts ripping the clothes off as he’s walking so there is often a trail of socks and underwear from the front door to the laundry room. He is often in his pajamas before I have even put away the keys and my purse. No joke.