Let Me Be Brave in the Attempt

Sometimes I come across angry with my writing about autism, especially when I have to fight for him to get what I perceive as a basic education.  Sometimes I seem really sad with regressions and seeing my son try to injure himself.

I hope I don’t paint it like that’s how it always is.  Life with autism is hard, no doubt.

But we’re happy.  We have a roof over our heads, we have our basic needs met, we have laughter, we have love, we have each other.  Our days are filled with a crazy amount of cuddling, giggling, running around the house like crazy people. I like to think that we may be one of the happiest, silliest families you ever meet.

Nothing paints how happy my family is then these pictures from the Special Olympics track meet this past Friday.  There is nothing like a day with no judgments, acceptance of all, and compassion like no other to make us all feel at peace.  To make us all feel like we can kick off our shoes and just breathe.

The Special Olympics athlete oath is “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”.  I love it.  Not only does it sum up the event, but it sums up our jouney with autism as well.

Try not to smile along with my little man…

Brian is the only athlete from his school, so his brother volunteered to help with the banner for the parade.
Brian really really loves Special Olympics day!
Brian’s biggest fan
Getting his second place ribbon for the 100M dash!
I am a very proud Mama!
Ending the 50M with a smile, despite taking a fall at the beginning of the race.
Ready for his 4th place ribbon for the 50M dash.
So happy.
Heather Nelson

About Heather Nelson

Heather resides in Rockland where she is busy juggling life as a newlywed, a mom to two boys (one of which who has autism), a part time job in direct sales, and a full-time job as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant. She has a love for live music, karaoke, and cheering on the underdogs.