Oh, the Excitement

This is autism.

When we get a new toy, or in this case, a toy that has been packed away for months and months, Brian gets’s so excited.

In fact, he gets so excited he can not sit and play with it.

Until he runs in circles, makes loud noises, and flaps his hands for an extended period of time.

This day we found his marble run set- hadn’t been unpacked since our move in July.

He was so excited we found it that he ran around in circles for twenty minutes.

Running around so much that he was a blur.

Can you see him??

Running around so much that he is completely red, unable to catch his breath, sweating, and almost too tired to do anything.

Then he was finally able to play.

Regulation can be a bitch sometimes.

How does your child self-regulate?

Heather Nelson

About Heather Nelson

Heather resides in Rockland where she is busy juggling life as a newlywed, a mom to two boys (one of which who has autism), a part time job in direct sales, and a full-time job as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant. She has a love for live music, karaoke, and cheering on the underdogs.